Crypto PHP scripts to start your Business

By Cal_tv93 | Fauceteer | 1 Sep 2020

So we know that not everyone can afford to pay a developer to make a php script for you to start your business, but the internet is big and you are lucky that you can find about anything on the internet.

So today i will cover some of the amazing scripts there is out there to start almost any sort of business in all sorts of price ranges. You can find all the links to the store page in the name.

Crypto exchange - fast trading - $59

This Exchange script is one of many but this one is the cheapest and a good way for new exchanges to get started for a low price to they get some trading going and can upgrade to other versions either from the same developer or others.

CryptWallet - Crypto Currency Web Wallet Pro - $159

This is your way to start a full out crypto wallet where you can buy and sell crypto as well work as aa payment system for shops as well as a normal wallet for users to keep their crypto in.

Ecommerce - Cryptocurrency Supported Responsive eCommerce Business Platform - $30

Want a full blown shopping system to sell your products and still accept crypto together with paypal, cards and much more? well then this is the best system for you to get started selling online.

Krypto 4 - Live Trading, Advanced Data, Market Analysis, Watching List, Portfolio, Subscriptions - $59

This script is a full blown exchange tho using payment gateways like coinpayments for wallets, you can also run a full out API from other exchanges to use their systems for trading so basically users will use your account for trading on the different supported platforms using API. You can add ads and premium functions to earn more.

Trademen - Ultimate Exchange, Live Trading, Tradingview, banking, kyc, market exchange - $999

This is a full exchange script with the most features, tho its also the most expensive of them all, but you are sure to have no limits and all secure system with a ton of features you can see on the page of the script.

Crypto Currency Tracker - Realtime Prices, Charts, News, ICO's and more - $39

Start your own marketcap using API from coin market cap and other marketcap sites so you wont have to host all the system, exchanges information and coin info. Tho you are limited to the API limits and you can't add new coins.

Crypto Casino | Slot Machine | Online Gaming Platform | Laravel 5 Application - $125

MidFaucet - Crypto Earning Faucet PHP Script - $30

This is a faucet script for anyone who want to start a faucet for any coins supported by the crypto gateways like faucetpay, coinpayments and many more. This script is very easy to edit so you can change up on it as much as you want and place ads and more where you want.

The End

Hope this helped you to get started with your own business, tho this post is not covering all the scripts there is, but i choose all the once i liked and think was worth mentioning.

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