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By Cal_tv93 | Fauceteer | 22 Apr 2021

So after a lot of tought i've decided that 75% of my new projects earnings will go to a random charity every month so if the project was to make lets say $100,000 a month $75,000 of it will be given to a random charity in a random country or shared over multiple random charities every month which will be decided every time all the earnings have been paid out on the different options.


What is

Its fairly easy to understand, its a casino list site that list casino's both with crypto and non crypto, their bonuses, if they allow VPN, their supported game providers and restricted regions and much more to give the end user as much information about the different casino's out there so they know what they get from each one of them.


Should i gamble because it support charity?

No you shouldn't, you should only gamble if you can control what you play for each month for eg no more then you can afford to lose. Its just exstra for normal gamblers who don't play for more they can afford, but know some of the profits will go to a good cause for eg cancer research, animal shelters and much more.

All donations will be done without a name since we will not advertise the service through charity.

In case you just want to play to support charity, still follow the guidelines of not playing for more then you can afford or what you would normally give to a charity even tho the amount will be less since of house edge, slots lisence and all the things the money is shared between on a casino. 


If you are addicted to gambling please take contact to your local service  to get help to stop you from using more money on gambling or stop fully by using a casino's function to lock your self out fully.

You can see some services here:


If you want to see more casino's please check here: 

to see more about each one please click read more to get full detail about the casino.

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