Bitcoinker - Who said faucets are hard?

By ChaosSeeder | Fauceteer 2.0 | 30 May 2020


Here I bring a new faucet, and it is the easiest I have ever done.

When we think of faucets, we usually think of CoinPot and its faucets. But here I bring you Bitcoinker, as easy as completing a captcha (either solvemedia or ReCapcha, you choose) and earning up to 100000 Satoshis. Usually the prize is 4 or 5, but you add up fast. The minimum to withdraw is 20000 Satoshis, however you can change that amount to more, not less, since the min is 20k sats. It also has a seniority bonus up to 30% of all claims.

What do I need to use this faucet:

  • A bitcoin wallet address
  • Time

And the link is:

Without my referral:

That's it folks, enjoy!

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