Ethereum faucet review: Free-Ethereum

By Nabeshin | Faucet Reviews | 5 Jun 2021

Ethereum is the second most traded cryptocurrency ever. It was created in 2015 and the hype surrounding it spread fast. The reason why it was so successful in a small timeframe is the reason how Ethereum functions. It contrast to Bitcoin it is not just a cryptocurrency but also a platform for decentrelized apps, which are made of smart contracts. Sounds a bit techy ey? You don't need to understand that to use Ethereum. The key is that d-apps do not use servers as many applications usually do, instead the code is saved in the Ethereum blockchain, making decentralized apps possible, which is quite useful and a different approach in distributing software.

Now in June 2021 Ethereum is at around $2600, reaching it's peak in May 2021 at $4300. It also started with quite a huge price at the beginning of its existence with around $2.80, which is something DOGE didn't reach up to now. 

Recently many predictions popped up talking about how the Ethereum price will rise and so will whatever you have made through this faucet.

The faucet Free-Ethereum is again a clone which offers micro amounts of ETH once per hour. All you have to do is click the roll-button, and you'll see a random number in the range of 0 to 10000. The number determines your outcome.

Number 0 - 9885 -> 0.00000032 ETH = $0.000845
Number 9886 - 9985 -> 0.00000758 ETH = $0.02
Number 9986 - 9993 -> 0.00007587 ETH = $0.20
Number 9994 - 9997 -> 0.00075873 ETH = $2
Number 9998 - 9999 -> 0.00758731 ETH = $20.04
Number 10000 -> 0.07587310 ETH = $200.49

After several weeks I had no luck and didn't roll any number above 9885. So it is not clear if it is actually possible to roll the higher numbers.

Let's calculate what you can get out of this faucet:
Per day, if you only roll in the range of 0 to 9885: 0.00000032 ETH x 24 = 0.00000768 ETH.
Per year, for the first tier numbers only: 0.00000768 ETH x 365 = 0.0028 ETH and that equals $7.83. That's far away from being a lot but it is still more than many other faucets offer, most faucet are in the $6-$7 range.

But it is one of those faucets that has a network fee - of 0.002 ETH, it's important to know that because the withdrawal minimum is 0.003 ETH. In other words: if you'd like to withdraw ETH equal to the amount of $20 this will equal 0.00759 ETH. If you withdraw that amount 0.002 will be subtracted so you will only get 0.00559 ETH, which is $14.71. So don't withdraw mini-amounts of ETH, otherwise the fee will swallow most of it.

The trustpilot reviews gives this faucet a 2.7 / 5. If you look closer into why, most users simply hate on the network fee, which they didn't consider while making their withdrawal. FoxyRating gives it a 3.4 / 5, which is quite ok. But all in all, that's a better rating than most other faucets get.

Feel free to try Free-Ethereum with this link, supposedly the market value will increase. If that's true, whatever you'll get out of this faucet will be worth much more in several months than it is now.

(I will update this article if new information is available)

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