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Pipeflare - play to earn minigames

By Base222 | Faucet fever | 31 Oct 2021

Lets take a look today on one nice p2e site. You cannot expect "huge" profits like axie and splinterlands, but no starting investment is needed, just register (any gmail) and play.

On https://pipeflare.io/r/bm0s you can find a daily faucet, some extra rewards, but mostly few nice minigames.

At each game there is a leaderboard paying off first 300 most dedicated players each week. But beside that you will get FLR token rewards already during play, which you can withdraw to Polygon matic network.

(if you need Polygon wallet, just use metamask and add Polygon as custom network)

And now, let the games begin!


My favorite, quite funny logical game to bounce balls to hit most bricks. Yes, you can hit those directly, but you will soon get overun. The more you bounce, the more bricks you break. Best is of course to get some balls to the top, where they bounce forever and clear the board.

BeatBox top

The rewards during play are the gold tokens (counts for weekly leaderboard) and FLR bricks, which rewards directly 1 FLR.

BeatBox FLR

Apparently this game is one of most populare, as getting to best 300 is harder each week.


Space shooter:

Easy space shooting game. Fly and hit all you can. Collect upgrades for your guns, to be able to hit more.

Again, golden tokens are for weekly leaderboard. Best are those FLR coins, which counts both for leaderboard and rewards 1 FLR. To ease the game you can reinvest some of those FLR to upgrage your ship.

Space shooter



Probaly my next favorite game. Its new, so Im just getting into it. And there is no leaderboard yet (coming soon).

At this game you dont collect FLR directly, just bounce long enough to fill the buffer. Each time its full = 1 FLR reward for you.


Flare hit:

This one is my least favorite. Its easy probably, but I never got into it. You have turning wheel and you have to throw enough blades into it. Each blade has to hit free spot (not your previous blades).

As for other games, hit golden and FLR coints to get rewards from leaderboard and direct FLR tokens. As its apparently less popular, the points for first 300 are quite low.




To check current price of flare token you can go to:


So far its only listed on QuickSwap. The price is going around 1000 FLR = 1 USD.


If you enjoyed the games, try these two faucets where I was able to cash out some profits:



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Faucet fever
Faucet fever

Just some reliable faucets to waste a bit of time.

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