PipeFlare - 1FRL token added to Matic network
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PipeFlare - 1FRL token added to Matic network

By Base222 | Faucet fever | 12 Nov 2021


some good news in faucet world. At Pipeflare you can now withdraw also their own FLR token (beside Zcash, where your hard earned cents are sent automatically to selected address).

I suppose you already have something at Pipeflare (if not, just check there, registration is free and new users will get upgraded account for a week also for free).



So for those FRL tokens.

Step 1 - earn them

Yes, you have to earn some tokens before you can withdraw.

The basic source are games there, where you get tokens as you play.

Daily faucet is extra simple (not even captcha), but quite limited rewards recently.

You can also stake your tokens and earn some more.

And last but not least, as long as you hold some tokens, you will get some rewards from airdrops. Especially for premium accounts.


Step 2 - get Polygon matic wallet

The most easy way for me was just to reuse my Metamask wallet and add Polygon network to it.

To add network at Metamask just go to network selection and use "Custom RPC".

Then use:

Then just copy past address to Pipeflare and give it a go.

Example of withdrawal:



Step 3 - Swap the tokens

You can swap your tokens directly at Metamask. Be aware that you have to pay the fees, so just send some MATIC to your wallet also.

At least we are still far far away from ETH fees. Estimated network fee was like 0.05 to 0.2$ (0.0025 to 0.1 MATIC). 

Just go to Metamask - select Polygon network - select FLR token and use "Swap"

Swap in metamask


Step 4 -> where lambo?

Yes, we are one ministep closer. Dont give up your normal job, this is just some faucet fun.

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