Pancakeswap burned today a whopping 2.48% of the total supply

By Fgeletterd | Michielangelo's Gems | 7 Feb 2022

Huge news here guys, officially announced on their twitter account including proof. 6,590,434 $CAKE burned. So what does that mean?

With a total coin supply of 265,541,943 they just burned 2.48%. This is huge. And I believe these are just preparations for what is about to come. The price per CAKE went from $7.94 to a daily high of $8.55 in one day. As I mentioned in my previous blog, the team of Pancakeswap already teased about big updates. To prevent me from copying my own work: basicly they want to create more opportunities for loyal CAKE holders.

You can read all about that here:

Calculation I used: (6,590,434*100/265,541,943) 

As I am blogging here and reading on their twitter account, I have found a new tease. They twittered on february 5 about the Prediction Game. We can already play that game in BNB, but they are clearly hinting: ´Anyone fancy a new version of #PancakeSwap prediction game, but in $CAKE?'. It has been a wish of the community for quite a while to use CAKE for more stuff on the platform. Are they finally listening? Could it be that they will make users able to use CAKE for more stuff, games etc? What is already really clear for me is that the market reacts very positive on every fart. The last fart was clearly burning *badum ts* (sorry for the bad joke, the last new was super huge. But also note that the market reacts positive on small news and hints too)

I am so excited for future updates and I hope you are too. I will keep an eye on them and blog them here in Michielangelo's Gems!

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Michielangelo's Gems
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