Episode 60: The Bahai Faith

There's Christians. There's Jews. There's Muslims. There's Buddhists. There's Hindus. And there's a combination of them all called the Bahais, which is what I consider myself to be. I am a combination of all the religions that believes world peace IS possible. In this episode I will talk about my spiritual path that I have walked as closely as I could since 1997, called The Bahai Faith. I think this faith will solve a lot of the world's problems, even though there are some issues that I discovered during the pandemic.

note: sorry for the low-fi video! My usual camera wasn't working. Thanks Mercury Retrograde!

More info on the Bahai faith here:

-I saw the Light by Hank Williams (banjo)
-Remover Of Difficulties Prayer Bahai Prayer
-Journey Of My Soul by Fast Heart Mart
-WayFaring Stranger traditional

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