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Farsite - last chance for free ship(ping)

By Base222 | Farsite game | 22 Nov 2021


lets get some free ship(ping).

From Farsite team announcement:

"As the universe of Farsite is gaining traction, we’re excited to announce a series of significant events to happen:

- Farsite Pre-Alpha, Dec 14 - an early gameplay preview enabling players to test flight their Ships, mine and refine resources on Sectors

- Crates Pre-Order, Dec 2 to supply travelers with original Blueprints and unique scarce Ships ahead of the game launch

- FAR Token (Credits) Listing on a major exchange to incentivize the Farsite economy"

So finaly we should be able to fly those nice ships bought, or got free for social interaction.

If you want to join still, then do it now, get some quick social tasks and you can have basic ship with free module:



Its nothing hard (at least not for few first steps), plus you have fair chance to get extra crate.

Before only most dedicated pals had a chance.

Farsite tasks


After few minutes, you can have such ship in your hangar:

Farsite hangar




If you also want some mini ZEC, you can also register here:



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