SUTER: How HIGH Can It Go?

By FarewelltoMinds | Farewell2Minds | 24 Aug 2020

SUTER: How HIGH Can It Go?


I got in on SUTER earlier this year and from everything that's in my portfolio, it's been the best mover so far in term of ROI. I may have just got lucky, but I'm still holding this coin as I think its movement is just getting started. I had published about this coin back in February . The price at the time of that article was $0.0067, so, if you had bought when I mentioned it, you'd be happy right now. Just saying...

SUTER aims to be the Chainlink of privacy coins. Among its features is a unique staking system, using a custodial system on its website. Users can make an account and deposit SUTER to be staked earning daily rewards. 

SUTER's own website shows an estimated marketcap of $24 million, based on its current circulating supply. It's protocol will launch this October, so I would use that as the window by which you should consider investing in the project. 

The main technical aspect of SUTER that could change everything is its claimed ability to offer a SUTER Virtual Machine, providing its ZK-consnark tech into an all-encompassing blockchain privacy system. It is Zcash meets Ethereum meets Chainlink. SUTER could anonymize any blockchain, including Bitcoin. 

But wait, what is ZK snark? ZK means "zero knowledge". Succinct, non-interactive argument of knowledge. 


This allows users to interacts with others in a secure and private manner. Users can show they know something private, without showing what that private thing is. Or, they can show they in fact have access to X amount of BTC, without having to show their private keys for their wallet, as an example. You also don't want to show all the BTC you have. Maybe you just want to show you have sufficient BTC to make a transaction. 

You want to prove that a transaction, or, program, worked and executed properly. But you don't want to show what the contents of that were. 

This can be done using math. Essentially, Just enough information is given between two parties, party A and part B. Both perform a complex series of math equations, using information that only they have access to. The possible answers from that equation are compared, and the answers given are answers limited by the having had the secret knowledge in question. 

Or, to put it in magical math terms:

The prover knows some secret numbers x and y and computes their product, but sends only the encrypted versions a = E(x), b = E(y) and c = E(x y) to the verifier. The verifier now checks that (a b) % n ≡ c % n and the only thing the verifier learns is the encrypted version of the product and that the product was correctly computed, but she neither knows the two factors nor the actual product. If you replace the product by addition, this already goes into the direction of a blockchain where the main operation is to add balances.

What SUTER does is take this to a whole other level, one that scales (defeating Monero) and one that is not dependent on a single, corruptible source (ZCASH).

SUTER will be used from everything to chain governance, to gas, to running private smart contracts that can move from ETH to other blockchains. You can check it all out on their complex whitepaper, here.

What this means for ETH is the ability to run a layer-two private smart contract, transferring funds and value, over and above the ETH VM, avoiding massive gas fees, before running the entirety of the transactions on ETH in a single move. This would save HUGE amounts of ETH in the form of saved gas. 

But okay, technicals aside, how high can the project go? 

Let's go look at the shitcoin, XRP. 

XRP, with a market cap of $12.8 billion and circulating supply of 45 billion ‘coins’, is priced at $0.285.

If SUTER were in XRP’s position, with 10 billion coins in its total supply, it would be worth about four times as much or so. Roughly, then, $1.20. But that is at XRP’s level of value, the fourth coin in the crypto market.

With a current circulating supply of 1.6 billion SUTER, though, such a marketcap could lift the price per coin at a whopping $8 per coin, an enormous ROI if you purchased at $0.006. Over a 1000x. To be fair, I don’t expect SUTER to get to that level.

A more fair assessment would be reaching $100,000,000 in market cap. That position is about the 100th rank of all coins, currently occupied, depending on your market website, by the shitcoin, Verge.

With a current circulating supply of 16 billion coins and a marketcap of $118,223,962, the price is at $0.007. If SUTER rose to this level, with a circulating supply of 1.6 billion coins, the price would be $0.07. I think that is absolutely doable from its current position of $0.015.

Such a move would be an increase of over 400%. A great ROI from its current price.

My personal vantage point is about $0.07 till when I'd consider start taking profits. Others I know have just staked their coins and are sitting on them for a few years. 

DYOR, but I'm comfy on this one. 



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