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By Farah ikram | Farah's world | 12 May 2021

In our daily life we struggles to get one or two things,for which we put our all efforts to get the good results.But our biggest problem is that we always wants immediate results and wants to get the whole outcome at once which is not possible.

Every good outcome demands a longtime hardwork collaborated with patience and consistency.

Example from childhood stories.

Like everyone in my childhood I also read so many stores but at that time I was unawares about their real meaning.But now I am understanding their real meaning as I am passing from the real life experiences.

In my childhood I read a story in which a man got a hen which was used to give a golden egg everyday.A man was very happy as he was achieving wealth slowly,but he wants to get all the eggs at once.So he decided to kill the hen to get all the eggs at once.One day he killed the hen but all in vain as there was nothing there.In his greed he losed a hen which was making him a wealthy man.

A man wanted to see an immediate result so he didn't have patience and losed the hen.

So we should learn lesson from this story that if we will try to get immediate results we can loss everything and can be defeated so we should be patient.

Thank you!

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