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By Farah ikram | Farah's world | 12 May 2021

"Many of the life's failures are experienced by people who didn't realize that how close they were to success when they gave up".

               Thomas A. Edison

Many times we fought endlessly and with full might but still can't succeed and we decide to let it go but we are unaware about the final point which was very close to us.So our all efforts and struggles have gone at this losing point. The one's who tries again and again,gets the fruit of their hardwork.

In our childhood we were told a story in which a little spider tries to reach its web but each time slipped and fell down.But it didn't lose heart and tried again and again to reach its web but all in vain. But it tried again and finally succeed to reach its web.A King was seeing all this and he sprang up and exclaimed,

The one's who try again and again can succeed.

From all this we can learn a lesson that,If an insect can be succeed,why not we?After all we are humans.

Thank you!

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Farah ikram
Farah ikram

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Farah's world
Farah's world

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