Would you dare writting a horror story?

By Fabicoro2022 | FANTASMAS EN EL AIRE | 29 Jan 2022


Welcome little ghosts!

I would like to give you welcome at this first post in my blog. My name is Fabian and I am from Argentina. A very complicated country nowaday.

First of all, I want you to know that are you going to find in my blog. I am a science teacher for about 14 years, but in my hobbies, and now passion, is to write about horror stories. It is true that until now I am publishing in spanish. But I promise I will make english versions of my stories. 

How could a Science teacher become a horror story writer?

That is simple. 

As human being, we allways look for explanations of everything that we don't understand. And what we don't understand, makes some feelings inside that grows up in fear if they don't have an explanation. Is just exactly what happens with crypto. If I show you this image and you don't understand what it is, and I say to you: earn and buy in crypto coins.

It's very probable that you would just look at me and go away. Well that's just an advantage in this case. You must try to make people feel unsure of something, and then make them feel great. I believe that toxic realtions are made in the moment when you leave the other person thinking about something. 

There has been many times when we read or watched horror books or movies. I believe that this emotion brings something special. Something that other feelings like love or depression can't bring. It is hard to understand why people seek for this kind of emotions. 

Maybe horror feelings brings something that calls our attention in a way that we can't explain. Is in the human being try to explain everything, but what happens when we find something that we can't explain?

Is in that moment when we feel scared. For example, something who you love is always next to you, brings you flowers, love, love and love everytime... But in some moment everything change... That person starts behaving different and you don't know why. 

Is there when we start becoming a scientist... We make hipotesis, scientific laws, clonclusions and more... but you can't explain. And then... You think the worst. Is dating someone else. That is the easy conclussion. But...

In horror stories we have other options. Maybe is becoming a vampire. Or maybe that person drank a pill that killed inside every part of the love capability. 

That is the best part in telling horror stories. You can make thousand of different reasons why that can explain the unexplainable. 

And for readers is a good way to enjoy. And for writers is a good way to scape de reality. 

All writers put own and personal stuff there. I remember someone who read on of my book and one time sent me a text messsage asking me: DID THAT REALLY HAPPENED? 

Obviously it was a story about someone who saw a ghost and made a mistake by taking his life out... It was just fiction. 

But people like to think that is real... So that is when we enter... The horror story writers. 

Let us be part of their world and give them the chance to feel, think and to believe what YOU want them to make.

I would like to leave this next video for you to see part of my creations. I will be talikng about it in other posts.

Great job my ghosts... see you soon in our blog.

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My name is Jorge Fabián Coronel. I am a sience teacher and science fiction writer. Visit me in https://jorgefabiancoronel.wordpress.com


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