ChiFi Bots P2E game coming out on Aspire Blockchain

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This is my first post on Publish.0x. Although I created my account months ago, I never got round to posting anything. One thing you need to know about me is I am just a little bit crazy about games, Play2Earn games especially these days. I started with Splinterlands, then Axie Infinity and recently Pegaxy joined the crew. I never stop looking out for other P2E games that look promising.

Down the grapevine I heard the name ChiFi Bots. Sounds cute, right? So I headed to NFT Studio website to see with my very eyes what is the fuss about.


Already on the landing page I can see that NFT studios has great plans for releasing the whole gaming Metaverse that includes Gaming, Marketplace, Artists and Community with future plans for Pets, Virtual Lands and Weapons.


As I continue to read, I realise that the game will be running on Aspire Blockchain, promising cheap and fast transactions. Truth be told, Aspire Blockchain is quite new to me and I don't have any experience with it, which means there is more research for me to do before I can jump into this promising new game. As always, I am happy to expand my horizons and learn about other blockchains and what they have to offer.

ChiFi Bots game play

The game falls into the category of collectible trading games, similarly to Splinerlands. The action of the game is in Cosmos universe in year 2080 and we learn that humans have been extinct for 50 years. Wow! According to this timeline we only have 8 years before we go extinct! Better wrap up what we still have to do before those ChiFi Bots take over our and all other planets in search of Fusion crystals!


The main story involves 3 planets: Polaris, Vega and Atlas.

First of course you will need ChiFi Bot NFT to play. Lady Athena is one of the NFTs available. You will be able to put together a team of up to 6 ChiFi Bot NFTs from 3 categories:

  • Brutes as tanks with higher HP and shield,

  • Gladiators with high attack to deal damage,

  • Technicians as a support with abilities.

These can be send to battle against other players or participate in present day events in a free to play story mode. Arena and Adventure Mode in Axie Infinity comes to mind when I read this description.

In the future our robots can be upgraded, there will be special edition cards released too. Technicians are the Bots with abilities, but in the future also other Bots will be able to learn the abilities.

The battle will be similar to rock/paper/scissor game, but with punch/kick/slam instead, where Punch beats Kick | Kick beats Slam | Slam beats Punch. If you pick a winner, then opponents attack will be blocked or both attacks with go through in case of picking the same element. This is something that I didn't come across with other P2E games, which makes it more refreshing. Also only 1 ChiFi bot is in active position and only the active one can attack or get damaged.


Looking at snaky peak of the game play it sure looks cute and interesting. I'd say it is like a combination of Splinterlands and Axie Infinity on steroids, as there is so much more to the game as explained above.

I also like the fast that there are strong female characters in the game. There are more and more of us, girls in the gaming world and I am happy to see that creators of ChiFi Bots decided to enrich their game by female characters.


ChiFi Bots are currently running a campaign on Indiegogo. You can purchase your first NFTs for as little as $10. As I'm writing this article, 6% of the flexible goal has been achieved and there are still 32 days left to grab those cute NFTs.



In summary, I would say that ChiFi Bots has a huge potential for being the next big thing in P2E world. Assuming that the creators will learn from the mistakes of their predecessors and give their tokenomics a good thought, we might be hearing more about ChiFi Bots soon!



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