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Is this Anti-Trust: Denying Users the Right to Get Paid to See Ads?

By Faithful Argos | Faithful Argos | 1 Feb 2021

What a great article by ircrp in December 2020:

At a time when Google and Facebook are pushing back at Australian moves to make them pay for news content that powers their online news services(see Google says it will pull its search engine from Australia if it is force to pay news publishers to host their content: Apple is using its terms of service to prevent or limit Brave's ability to innovate and reward its users with Basic Attention Tokens (BAT).

Really, Brave probably doesn't have any choice.  It has to go along with the ban.

But it doesn't seems right and US Anti-Trust law is supposedly designed to stop big corporations seeking to monopolize lines of commerce, in this case it would be the ability to make payments to Brave users just because they are using an iOS phone.


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