Infinite Money Glitch Using Maths

Cointiply, a relatively cool website. I've been studying it for a while and have found a way to make 35$ in a single day. 


This is based off of pure theory, and relies on volume instead of luck. Alex hormozi, a hundred millionaire has once said that volume negates luck, and this does apply to everything in life. 

Contact enough people and you'll get a high paying job. The question is just whether you'd have to contact 100 people, or 100,000 people. 

I've studied game theory for a while now, and theoretically, it should be possible for anyone, even you, to make 35$ in a single day using cointiply's multiplier game. 

You'd first have to roll the daily faucet. It'll be your only method of getting money. at the start of each day.

Then you can do 2-3 PTC ads. This should get you roughly 25 more tokens. On average, this should leave you with 35-45 tokens to start the day with.

You can claim the faucet 24 times a day, so you could also hypothetically keep rolling the dice every single day for the rest of the year..every single hour....and you'll likely be able to stack up.. 1.2$ with no luck, and upwards of 500$ assuming luck is on your side. Median outcome was 20$ a year. The math is too much to show on here, plus I'm not sure how many people would be interested in seeing it. I might make a seperate post if enough people request it, just explaining the maths. 

You must also claim codes sent to your email to stack as many coins as you can. 

The best luck i've had so far using the multiplier was when I went from 60 tokens all the way to 40,000 tokens. That's only 10x away from a withdrawable amount. This is 100% repeatable and would take a normal person 4-5 days of constant reproduction. This assumes they don't retry every hour - in which case it might only take a day. isn't it insane how luck works?


Anyhow, cheers everyone and remember; game theory and mathematics are your best friend when it comes up to luck. 

FYI: Just claimed my faucet of 14 coins, went up to 550 and then lost it all. approx 5 cents haha




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