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This is altseason.

By Henrycn | What matters | 17 Jan 2021

To all who are bearish.. expect the unexpected.

“ hey guys,

just wanna say. i’m pretty sure this is for real, right now.
this lasts minimum a year.

you may think “oh altseason, that means everything is easy now” and you would be wrong

it’s just going to be a lot more volatile. random coins will pump 400% in 2 days and you won’t be able to get in cause it will be so random.

just shift your mindset a bit, it’s a new environment. don’t try to catch every pump...catching honestly just 3 pumps can be life changing if you’re willing to position yourself properly.

degen. i never say to degen but really i think it’s time.

you don’t need leverage. but take risks. take big risks. take the biggest risk of your life.

the environment is ripe for it. yes there will be more massive pullbacks like we just had...but they’re going to be following massive moves up, not while bitcoin is consolidating/bleeding up.

this year you have to position yourself to capitalize off these moves. you have to take risks. you have to be willing to take a 10-20% haircut in turn for a chance at 1000%

it’s here. altseason is here i truly believe it. play the market cycles within market cycles. risk more immediately after bitcoin has done some crazy shit (like right now)...don’t risk more when bitcoin has just pumped 50%”

Don’t miss out..

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What matters

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