(TEZER) $Tether passive income and it's steady price growth.

(TEZER) $Tether passive income and it's steady price growth.

By Henrycn | What matters | 31 Jul 2021


Tezer is a community driven   token and a new Defi memecoin on the BSC network,  which was launched on July 27th, 2021.

tezer aims to be the best rewarding token on BSC network.


 How do Tezer Token Plan on Achieving this?

Unlike order projects, tezer has a very unique tokenomics..

1) The USDT Farming, which allow holders who are hold upto 500 tezer token to earn usdt while holding. Which is automatically claimed and sent to your wallet.

2)Buyback, regardless of having a little circulating supply of 1,000,000 , tezer has 6% burn mechanism acquired from the 18-25% task fee. this creates more scarcity and cause a steady price move.

3) The reward tracker, this application will help tezer holders to track the usdt farming rewards.


4)The tezer Dex 🔥

the tezer team will be building more utility on the tezer token, tezer desensitized exchange 💱this will bring more attraction an use case to tezer, making it possible to reach a high valuation. As the market cap continues to increase, tezer team will be expanding its ecosystem by creating various utilities.

As we are still in the early stages of $TEZER, the team is prioritizing community engagement and growth. Once that is done, with the help of the community, tezer will attempt to be noticed by well-known influencers on various platforms to further accelerate the growth of Tezer.


What can you do as an investor?

Tezer is a community driven token. The success of Tezer is in the hands of the community. In order to succeed, it is the responsibility of investors to ensure that Tezer has as much exposure as possible by shilling it on various platform and telling friends about the project. not letting whales shake you out of you position, and accumulate the dips.

Let's become the best by working together. Let's show the crypto world who we are and the benefits of tezer.

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