family with no fingerprints

By Distinctfacts | facts & mysteries | 9 Nov 2022

there is a rare disease called adermatoglyphia.
The hereditary condition known as adermatoglyphia hinders the growth of fingerprints. This illness is known to affect five extended families globally.

Professor Peter Itin gave the condition the colloquial label "immigration delay illness" since his first patient had problems entering the United States without a fingerprint to prove their identity.

An isolated discovery concerning the description of a Swiss individual without fingerprints was published in 2007.The heterozygous manifestation of the mutation shows that it is inherited via autosomal dominant gene. "Flat finger pads and a reduced number of sweat glands in the hands" were the characteristics shared by the Swiss patient and eight of her relatives who also carried the mutation.


Adermatoglyphia doesn't have any negative effects, in contrast to other disorders that can also produce a lack of fingerprints.

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