SN1205: State Of A Nation, Perverting Poison & War For The Reset ⚠️

By NoizceEra | Factions Of Freedom | 4 Mar 2022


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In this week’s episode we go over, through inference, how Russia & China are attempting to create their own “world order” that would be “profoundly illiberal”. Through that definition, we can extrapolate that the Western nations intend to create a “liberal world order”. We already knew this though, about the New World Order, and how it’s masquerading as an overly liberal ideology when in fact it’s not.

You see, we dig into how the invasion of Ukraine isn’t just that, it’s more. Before we dive into the controversy, we deviate into COVID-infected waters which elaborate on how people who have taken the shot have lost their rights. Information has come out confirming that, through a recently published Swedish study, the mRNA injections alter your DNA. Chile followed this revelation up by announcing a new law that protects the employment rights of mutants and genetically modified humans.

Now I know, if you’ve read the description to this part, this all sounds fantastical, but do I need to remind you that war is on our horizons? That CERN is revving up again? That, people who hid from a virus with a 99.9% survival rate, are now coming out of those bunkers – with masks on – to call for military intervention in a foreign country? This is the clown world we’ve entered to, where we must know that truth is stranger than fiction.

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