SN1115 - May 11th they took our Patreon.

SN1115: Destabilized Days, Jab Journals & Assault on Freedom ⚠️

By NoizceEra | Factions Of Freedom | 14 May 2021

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The hits don't stop; Earlier this week we were informed that our Patreon account, with our Exclusive Members, had been terminated. Another devastating blow to the operation, but obviously not too dastardly if we're still able to broadcast to our viewing and listening audience. With how this administration came into office, I foresee a lot more cyber-related incidents having real world implications, kind of like this most recent "cyber-attack" on the pipelines.

Incoming destabilizing events, the repercussions and more are the topics of this week's transmission. We kick the show off doing a news cruise over some of the most recent developments, only to tie them into the preplanned show for later. The second segment of this week's show essentially takes clips from mainstream news, both domestically and abroad, showing the chemical collusion behind the C19 jab and more.

We're seeing attacks from so many levels these days that it makes even my head spin. On top of the controlling elite trying to create insecurity through crime, war and famine, we have them furthering their actions by masquerading their attacks as altruism. The big brother style government we've warned about for so many years is coming into fruition under Dementia Joe, the perfect patsy. As we see America slowly being sacrificed, Globalist interests are salivating at the thought of our organized collapse and absorption.

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