Will YFI hit $50k?

Will YFI hit $50k?

By Cryptofab | Cointune | 9 Jan 2021

What is the most expensive token?

Bitcoin of course... But for how long?

What is the second most expensive one?

YFI... Because the total supply is only 30k.

What will happen if YFI price exceeds BTC again?

It will enter a discovery area, where everything is possible.

When will it happen?

Tonight, tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow, anytime soon. The recent increase is mainly due to YFI staking on Binance. TVL is stable,  $374.7M, +1.1% vs yesterday. As BTC has significantly increased, whales will sell BTC for stable coins and add funds to Yearn vaults...

What will happen next?

FOMO effect, pumping the price up to $50k+.

You can buy it on Binance and put a stop loss to avoid any risk. Happy trading to everyone!!





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