Which coins to buy this weekend? How to find the pumping cryptos and buy the next AXS and Ravencoin before they pump...
Which coins to buy?

Which coins to buy this weekend? How to find the pumping cryptos and buy the next AXS and Ravencoin before they pump...

By Cryptofab | Cointune | 16 Jul 2021

There are so many doubts and uncertainties currently on the crypto market that you don't know what to do. China's crackdown on cryptos is continuing, Elon's tweets have no effect anymore, and the US and European regulators are sending mixed signals. Furthermore, the ongoing SEC procedure against XRP could result in a big rally for XRP since they are scoring some points against the SEC with the upcoming Hinman audience but at the same time it could jeopardize some other tokens previously confirmed as non-security by Hinman himself. In summary, the bears have taken the control and there are more bad news than good news. From there, you have a few options:

  • To wait and see - i.e., HODL and hope for the best
  • To sell your coins and try to forget - well, in that case, you might at least sell them for stablecoins instead of fiat currencies, and earn interests
  • To invest more into cryptos - as most of them have dumped, it could be considered as an opportunity - the well-known BUY THE DIP strategy...

If you like to play, you will mostly be interested in the last option. So the question is, in which coin to invest?

To choose the right one, you have to put yourself in the shoes of a WHALE... if possible. How do the whales make money in this bear market? It is quite simple: they choose a small coin with a small market cap, buy it massively, what suddently pumps the price, and when it is high enough, sell it. That's what we call a PUMP AND DUMP scheme. That's why you can see some small coins pumping any day without any notice, e.g. Ravencoin recently.


How to find a token that the whales are suddenly going to buy?

First of all, you can try to buy the one which has started to pump, but as it is most of the time a pump and dump scheme, you might lose money... The objective is to buy it before it starts to pump, because in that case, even with the final dump, it will likely finish at a higher value than where it started.

Therefore, the idea is to find the Ravencoin of tomorrow. Let's look at the fundamental advantage of Ravencoin: it is easier to mine than some other tokens, for instance ETH which will be less profitable for miners very soon due to the upcoming EIP 1559 update... So you can see that Ravencoin has not been randomly chosen . That's the good news: the whales look at the fundamentals of the cryptos in which they invest.

Therefore, the question is: which crypto has a small market cap and good fundamentals, i.e. which ones allows to make money with mining, staking or yield farming... and is currently undervalued. There are a few candidates. I will select the three following ones. You may add in comments your favorites:

1) Harmony ONE


Harmony ONE allows to make staking, DeFi yield farming (just have a look at the crazy APR's on Viperswap) and is a good alternative to ETH.

2) Fantom FTM


Fantom FTM also allows to make staking (but it needs to be locked for a while), DeFi yield farming (but with lower APR's) and is also a good alternative.

3) Algorand ALGO


Algorand ALGO is a powerful pure proof-of-stake crypto, with a huge potential, but the complete ecosystem still needs to be developed.

In summary, there are several small (undervalued) coins or tokens which could suddenly pump, and the three ones above are just some examples... (although I would currently bet on Harmony ONE since the APR's on Viperswap are crazy...) which may shortly attract some whales. However, the crypto market is crazy, and nothing can be guaranteed. Therefore, please do your own research and click on this link to get more insight into cryptos.

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