What Is The Utility of NFTs?

By Cryptofab | Cointune | 25 May 2024

I just read on Binance that you can feel the "thrill" of Ronaldo's journey through NFTs - but I'm scratching my head...

So, I recently stumbled upon a Binance post saying fans will soon be able to experience the "thrill" of Cristiano Ronaldo's journey with his latest NFT drop. Apparently, this new batch of NFTs, set to release on May 29th, will offer "better than ever" utilities.

Now, I'm no stranger to the hype around NFTs, but I still find myself asking, "What's the actual utility here?"

Is it the digital equivalent of owning a piece of Ronaldo memorabilia? Or is there some deeper, more immersive experience that I'm just not grasping? I mean, how exactly does one "feel the thrill" through a non-fungible token?

Perhaps I'm missing something, and maybe this new batch of NFTs will truly revolutionize the way we interact with athletes and their stories. But for now, I'm genuinely curious to hear what others think.

Do you think NFTs have real-world utility, or is it all just hype? And what exactly does it mean to "feel the thrill" through a digital asset?

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