How To Maximize Rewards on Ethereum L2s - Linea & Manta

By Cryptofab | Cointune | 4 Mar 2024

This time we can say it. We are in a bull market, no doubt. That's good news, you may have significantly increased your savings with crypto. However, you may wonder what to do with your cryptos: hodl or sell, just staking, or more?

One way to maximize your gains is to invest into potential airdrops and stake your cryptos. There are so many potential airdrops currently that it would be too long to make a list. And there are so many staking coins or tokens that it would be too long to list them too. One way to maximize rewards is to focus on Ethereum Layer-2 chains. Why? Because that's where the money goes, and these layer-2 chains are much cheaper than Ethereum mainnet:

  • Staking Manta: I love ETH, but it gives less than 5% in staking APR... In the meantime, you can get 38% staking APR by staking MANTA, the token of Manta, a layer-2 chain. This YouTube short explains how to make it:
  • Linea airdrop: Linea is a tokenless layer-2 chain created by ConsenSys, the company behind MetaMask. To farm this airdrop, I use Layer3, which has a good reputation. You can click on the following link to start earning points on the Linea Park quest: Layer3 Linea Park Quest

As usual, it's not a financial advice, but I wanted to share these both tips with you since it might help you maximize your rewards.

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