Binance Launches $120,000 BNB Reward Pool on PancakeSwap

By 7Fx | F | 28 Nov 2020$120000-BNB-Reward-Pool-on-PancakeSwap--Stake-BNB-to-Earn-Free-Tokens


To support the growth of Binance Smart Chain Binance has launched a $120,000 BNB rewards pool.

Starting from 2020/11/27 1:00 PM to 2020/12/27 1:00 PM (UTC)$100,000 in BNB to be farmed on PancakeSwap via Binance Smart Chain

Binance will provide $100,000 in BNB to be farmed on PancakeSwap’s Syrup Pool during the activity period using CAKE tokens. 

Binance Smart Chain users will also be able to stake BNB to earn CAKE tokens from a $120,000 rewards pool. 

Additional $20,000 BNB Participation Airdrop

There will also be an additional prize pool of $20,000 BNB that will be equally split between the Binance Smart Chain wallets of all users that stake BNB to earn CAKE tokens within the activity period.

Maximum BNB staking limit of 10 BNB per user.

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