Crypto Market NOW.. WHAT? How are you trading it? My Secret ALT coins strategies Released

Crypto Market NOW.. WHAT? How are you trading it? My Secret ALT coins strategies Released


Since my last posts, I've been long and kept adding and taking profits. Now we are at a point where indicators show an imminent pull back. Currently, I have contracts open from low $30,000 bitcoin and don't plan to close them, unless we lose $37.7-$36.6 range...when that happens I'll look more in to it. I do plan to have my second account ready to short if we fail at 48.7k in the SHORT TERM. For long term, I find bitcoin below 46k good to grab more and considering to buy some now at 47k.  On the other hand, we all need to be ready for a break past 51k to an estimated 57k range target still possible from where we are now, maybe Bitcoin pumps another leg up.

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I have also been long on ETH since $1800 and been adding more, taking profits and I have been on vacation since. It has been my best performing asset on contracts compared to Bitcoin. ETH is now in a pull back of $3100 and I believe it could still come back to around $2800-$2200. I will not be putting any shorts on eth. In fact, I am still not concerned in closing my long at all and only plan to add more. If ETH loses $3100 in the short term trade I will look to add around $2800-$2600. For long term I will be buying every $200 dollar drop under $3000.


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ADA - Has been performing before the summit well and could see pull back until the release of the smart contracts date, and then we could see a huge run up from that date more or less. I will add for long term holding below $1.70. My contract has been long since $1.10. Looking to add more around $2.25.

AAVE - is very volatile but great asset to short and long. I missed a good short opportunity yesterday but found a good start to long if market continues up. So currently, looking to add from here to as low as $280. I do see if it loses $370 going immediately to $350-$310.  I do hold AAVE for long term as the potential will be very high. As we know-its platform is the most "go-to loan dapp" only raising the bar for its next all time high.

YFI - Is one of my most bullish assets in crypto. If you missed the pull back in $37k...well you can guess I have been long and taking profits. I will be adding more. $35-$33k are ranges I will be adding. It's a coin I have been long since $30k, so on that note I won't place any shorts here. YFI is making new partners and still a defi monster; will have a new all time high to surprise everyone.

AVAX - I don't trade this on contract but I buy it for the long term and have started to take some profits now. For a long term strategy, a pull back below $35 is a good range to buy if a dump comes.

AVA - great to make a stash for vacations to book your hotel and car rental.  A pull back below 2.60 will be good to add for the long term holder. This crypto platform to book hotels and cars has been growing rapidly and I see it's potential for a great new all time high as soon as the market does a run.

ATOM - I keep adding to my holdings since the drop and I'm looking to buy more for long term below $18. This coin I expect to see a new all time high, along with Bitcoin.

LTC - Is very undervalued right now and everyone has forgotten that the upgrade everyone is counting on (which is confirmed to happen) will impact BTC / DODGE and others on the lightning network. A fail of $186, I see a short opportunity to a target around $163-$142. This range I will be adding to my long term holdings as well.

DODGE - I don't trade meme coins because of the difficulty in volatility and charting is difficult for me. I will be looking to buy below $0.25. Rumor is updates are imminent.

DOT - Is been working under the wraps with new updates and parachain releases; same with Kusama parachains-its' sister networks for pre release and testing. If you haven't researched these yet, its good to understand that all this liquidity will have a massive pump on DOT...just like the expected pump for smart contracts on Cardano. I do see a imminent short opportunity on DOT if it fails at $27 and if Bitcoin fails too. Bearish target estimated around $22-$19. Long term, at $21 or below, I will be adding for long term hold.

PCX - This is CHAINX and a secret in the dot ecosystem that wraps bitcoin to its' sister parachains ecosystems. I am very bullish now that its $4. A pull back to $3 range is likely but looks like its forming an upwards trend. This coins sneaks up and does unpredictable volatile pumps. Its completion to the polkadot ecosystem isn't released yet but should have a much higher value approaching 2022: making this coin a MUST hold at such low levels.

NU - A strong privacy platform for crypto is a my most bullish privacy coin running on ETH and has plans to expand. I hold for long term and expect a pull back below $0.28 but right now at $0.30 it's so under valued and is near the bottom of a ROUNDED BOTTOM formation! This pattern makes this coin perfect to buy in bulk & stake for the pump above $1. Want a 4x-8x profit? This could be it...


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