How to get into crypto and NFT's totally free

By BigNickDigger | Extra Cash Blog | 11 Apr 2023

Sound too good to be true?  Well its not.  It is super simple to get free crypto coins and tokens, and get NFT's, totally for free.  Since you are reading this on Publish.ox you already know how to earn free crypto.  Publish.ox pays you to read articles!  So you already know how to get free crypto for reading, but here are some more ways to stack that coin for free.

Faucets.  There are some good faucets out there that will give you a small amount of crypto each day.  The working faucets change often, so do a google search for "working crypto faucets" to get a list of currently working faucets.  Some only offer testnet coin.  This coin is for testing purposes only and have no real value.  You may earn coin by doing testnet tasks, so be sure what coin you are getting.  You will need a wallet setup for each of the coins you will be collecting from these faucets.  Coin98, Trust Wallet, MetaMask and Coinbase all offer free wallets that you can use for this purpose.

Airdrops.  Airdrops are events in which x number of coins are given to users who have completed any number of tasks that were assigned to users for this purpose.  Twitter and Reddit are amazing resources for locating these airdrops.  Usually the tasks include following them on social media, and tweeting or retweeting some of their content, and inviting friends to participate.  Easy task which can lead to big rewards if the coin in question takes off and becomes valuable.  These are usually new coins that have little to no value, so it is anyone's guess what their future value can be.  THere is an app called that you can get on your phone that brings a large number of the available airdrops and their required tasks and put them all in one place.  A google search for "crypto airdrops" will likely bring you dozens of results, so get started earning now.

NFT Giveaways.  The subreddit NFTGiveaway is a great place to find individuals giving away a set number of NFT's from a collection in order too generate attention to that collection.  Claiming these NFT's is normally very easy and only involves upvoting the post and dropping your OpenSea or your wallet address.  When using your wallet address, be sure you are on the correct network, otherwise your NFT could be lost.  If you are going to do this I recommend you get an OpenSea account. Each day you can claim dozens of free NFT's from this community.  Some are from very popular collections and are likely to grow in value.  So stop waiting go over to reddit.  While you are there go ahead and join the r/Giveawaysandfreestuff to find even more free giveaways and free stuff.

Thank you for reading this short article, I hope you have learned something and are now racking up free crypto and NFT's to add to your portfolio.  Follow me for more content like this.

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