Introducing Extend Finance($EXF)

By Eternal Cash | Extend Finance | 14 Feb 2021

EXF is an innovative Binance Smart Chain token that is designed for maximized profits in the DeFI yield generation.


With the high gas fee's on the Ethereum blockchain, it was time a 100% safe and rug-free Frictionless Yield Token was coming on the Binance Smart Chain.

Extend Finance works by applying 5% fee which is 4% to each transaction & instantly splitting that fee among all holders of the token & 1% is automatically burn that continuously reduces the total supply of Extend Finance (EXF).

There is no team or central party that has to award the fees.

There is no interface to claim the fees.

Just HODL $EXF in your wallet.



- 988.000.000 $EXF circulating 

- 12.000.000 $EXF in DEV wallet

Each transaction burns 1% so the supply will decrease in time.



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Eternal Cash
Eternal Cash

Eternal Cash $EC is our storage of value and utility token for our Casino and future dApps.

Extend Finance
Extend Finance

Extend Finance was built for the BSC chain with a 4% reward & 1% burning emission.

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