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By Eternal Cash | Extend Finance | 4 Mar 2021

We as EXTEND FINANCE $EXF have a wallet with 12.000.000 $EXF and we only use the fee's to develop and market $EXwe choose our marketing moments wise. 


Now a community member / investor came with the idea to create a Community Marketing Address with funds special for marketing only.

The point of this Community Marketing Address is that you people can decide with polls where the funds are going to.


Example Poll :

1. Youtuber

2. Twitter influencer

3. Advertisements on a platform


I suggest we do a daily poll and we use daily fee's to choose some sort of marketing for that day so we can keep building on the marketing address.

And you guys decide what kind of marketing, and how much we have for the daily marketing.


Community Marketing Address :

Address : 0x29Ab9927ff19D6C32ED6c400e41E526F05d1F2dd

1 BNB and 50$ of EXF been already sent by Harry to start off the funds.

Donate what you can miss, Even 1 $EXF helps in the longrun.

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