Is EXRT a Coin or an ERC-20 Token ?

The simple answer to whether EXRT is a coin or a token is this: EXRT is currently an ERC-20 token, that will later be swapped to EXRT Network mainnet Coin (2021).

In other words, it is safe to say EXRT is both a token and a coin!


 What Is EXRT Network?

EXRT Network is a highly scalable innovative blockchain that is developed to support & secure ecosystem of decentralized crosschain applications (next stage: Alphanet).

  • EXRT - is used to pay fees for cross-chain transfers and to secure crosschain network with nodes. EXRT is being built on EXRT Network mainnet. Learn more:

EXRNchain is an ecosystem with a dual token and a complex network.

  • EXRN - is the core/liquidity token of the EXRNchain ecosystem. It is used to facilitate crosschain transactions (interoperability), execute swaps (atomic swap) and provide liquidity to each transfer on EXRT Network. Note that, EXRN is built on r/Ethereum network.

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EXRN & EXRT trading group

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