How to Upgrade Your Wallet with CoinGecko Candy Rewards

By ExponentialOne | Exponential Explore | 14 Oct 2020

Let me start by saying I am a big fan of CoinGecko. It is a fantastic site to keep track of the crypto market, with new and great features like data on yield farming, the ability to track your portfolio, and CoinGecko Candies. You receive candies daily when you check CoinGecko and claim them. They increase each day for a week and can be redeemed for a range of prizes like NFTs, swag, and some coupons.

While I did recently redeem for an NFT (still waiting to see how this goes), those coupons are what I wanted to draw your attention to. How much are they worth and what am I talking about?

Taking a quick look, I see discounts for hardware wallets and a few subscriptions and softwares:

Coingecko candy

The two I'd like to pay special attention to are the two discounts for hardware wallets - 10% off of Trezor (200 candies) and 15% off of Cobo (300 candies).

Applying this 10% discount to Trezor wallets, it could save you around $17 USD on the $169 Trezor Model T.

Applying the 15% discount to Cobo wallets, it could save you around $22.5 on the $149 Cobo Vault Pro.

Both companies have a range of products at different prices with a range of options. Even if this was not their intention, just seeing those coupons leads me down the rabbit hole of research about both products. I have not tried either of these hardware wallets personally, so I am very curious if anyone has tried them out and what they think. If not, I might have to give them a try myself!

If you are already in the market for a hardware wallet, it might be something to remember to check for current and future deals! I have a lot of fun checking out CoinGecko's rewards (I am a sucker for loyalty programs), so I am always interested in what they will add. Thanks for reading :)

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