Bitcoin Factory - Earning BTC on BSC

Bitcoin Factory - Earning BTC on BSC

I LOVE passive income! Seeing those dividends, coins, and tokens rolling in day after day brings me great joy. With Binance Smart Chain (BSC) there is an ever-growing list of exchanges, yield farms, and vaults. Some of them are duds and rugs, but some may provide a great opportunity for passive income.

The focus of this post is not on just any old income, but on the King of Crypto - Bitcoin!

My Bitcoin Factory is still under construction, but it will someday churn out BTC day and night.

Below are 3 opportunities to earn passive crypto income in Bitcoin:

1. Vaults and Yield Optimizers

Harvest.Finance is a great example of a yield optimizer on Ethereum (and BSC now!), but BSC has a great number of vaults and yield optimizers including Beefy, Autofarm, ACryptoS, and others. They have different strategies to auto compound your LPs or tokens with the added benefit of saving you a LOT of gas. On BSC you can put your Bitcoin (BTCB on BSC) into these different vaults. Doing a quick look the rates for some of the bigger players, you might get anywhere from 9% to 20%+! (Side note: at the time of this writing, Harvest's pool is even higher with a low initial TVL)


BTCST is probably one of the more interesting projects in crypto (in my opinion at least!). BTCST is tokenized Bitcoin mining hash power. When you stake your BTCST you earn Bitcoin daily from real Bitcoin mining. Checking in every few days there are yields ranging from 40-70%!

3. Yield farms

This one is trickier and not always reliable, but there are a couple of yield farms that pay BTC for staking their tokens. The two that I've come across - Kebab and Blizzard - have special Bitcoin pools occasionally to reward stakers. For example, Blizzard had a 1 week BTCB pool paying several hundred %!


Like all of crypto, there is RISK. Please do your own research, but I hope there are a few ideas to get you started on building your own Bitcoin Factory.

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