Bitsgap - a trading application to make an amateur feel like a professional trader

As I have been making my steps in trading different crypto assets I have often found myself lost in the possibilities of exchanges, their ways of working, pair offers. Arbitrage trading, the ability to set up bots, overall knowledge base of trading strategies, which could help me devise a more elaborate trading approach, establish a strategy for trading and risk management and overall being more involved has been elusive to me. 

It was elusive until I discovered the trading tool developed and promoted by Bitsgap (My referral link: This platform allows through the usage of API keys to add many (currently over 25) exchange accounts and consolidate them in one application. The application allows aggregate view of total portfolio holdings, which may be spread in more than account with a different exchange, develop and use trading bots in all registered by the user exchange accounts, possibility to perform arbitrage trading.

The intuitive and user friendly interface is great and easy to use. Setting up my exchange accounts in the application through the API keys was fairly easy given the fact that I had no previous experience in using API. In addition, Bitsgap offers a significant Help section with large developed knowledge base for investing, trading and overall working with crypto assets. 

The application itself does not charge any commission on trading. However, to gain full usage of the tool there paid plans with monthly fees. There is a more limited free option, which does not allow the use of the arbitrage function.

The more familiar I have become with this trading tool, the more convinced I am that it will become my main tool in investing and managing my crypto asset holdings. If you also find this tool interesting and decide to use it, I would be happy if you use my referral link (also mentioned above) -

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Exploring the range of crypto opportunities
Exploring the range of crypto opportunities

I am attracted to the opportunities of crypto assets and the blockchain technology. I have missed many opportunties, however I remain with genuine interest, which has not subsided in the past years. I hope to share and gain valuable insights!

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