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SBWs add an additional step to strengthen the input, by using dynamical passwords generators (DPGs). Even if a user enters weak input parameters into a DPG, the output will be like very strong passwords, from which a private key and address can be generated. In other words, on the first step we convert human input into strong passwords which can not be discovered with brute force or dictionary attacks, and on the second step use output from a DPG as input to CBW. In this way we have SBW. The formula is SBW=DPG+CBW.


In the ever-evolving landscape of cryptocurrency, innovation continues to push boundaries, and one such groundbreaking concept is the emergence of On-Demand Wallets (later reffered as GOD) and Secure Brain Wallets (SBW). These wallets are reshaping how we perceive and interact with digital assets. Let's delve into these revolutionary technologies and their implications for the future of finance.

At its core, a GOD wallet operates on the principle of dynamic generation and destruction of cryptographic keys. Unlike traditional wallets, which utilize static private keys for accessing funds, GOD wallets generate unique keys for each transaction, ensuring heightened security and anonymity. Similarly, SBW, also known as mnemonic phrase wallets, rely on the user's memory to generate and access funds. These wallets convert a passphrase or series of words into a cryptographic private key, offering a decentralized and secure method of storing assets.

The concept of on-demand key generation in GOD wallets introduces a paradigm shift in security practices within the crypto sphere. By generating keys only when needed and promptly destroying them after, the risk of unauthorized access and malicious attacks is significantly mitigated. This dynamic approach greatly enhances the security posture of users, offering peace of mind in an environment often plagued by security concerns.

Moreover, GOD wallets champion privacy as a fundamental feature. With the constant generation and disposal of keys, tracing transactions back to individual users becomes an arduous task, if not impossible. This heightened level of privacy aligns with the ethos of decentralization, empowering users to transact freely and anonymously without fear of surveillance or intrusion.

*SBW offer a unique approach to security by leveraging the user’s memory as the primary means of accessing funds. By generating private keys from mnemonic phrases, SBW eliminate the need for storing sensitive information electronically.

There is a difference between SBW and CBW (classic brain wallets). My previous statement was related to the CBW. They are secure, if the input is like strong passwords. Unfortunately many people use weak input, therefore CBWs have the same problem as weak passwords.*

Furthermore, the versatility of GOD wallets extends beyond security and privacy. The dynamic nature of key generation enables innovative features such as time-bound transactions and conditional payments. Users can specify conditions for transactions to be executed, adding layers of flexibility and control over their funds. Similarly, SBW provide users with a decentralized and portable method of storing assets, allowing for seamless access across multiple devices and platforms.

In addition to individual users, GOD and SBW hold immense potential for institutional adoption. Enterprises handling large volumes of transactions can leverage the enhanced security and privacy offered by these wallets to safeguard their assets and preserve sensitive information from prying eyes.

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Try them out yourselves, GOD examples are Tangem's Dynamic Key Wallet or Samourai Wallet. If you're more interested in SBW wallets you could try out Electrum Mnemonic Wallet.


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