SocialScan x ZetaChain: Making Blockchain Exploration Easier for Developers

SocialScan, an innovative blockchain explorer built by, proudly announces its strategic partnership with ZetaChain, the world’s first EVM-compatible L1 blockchain with built-in cross-chain interoperability. This collaboration is set to revolutionize blockchain exploration, making it more accessible, efficient, and developer-friendly.

SocialScan is dedicated to providing a superior alternative to existing blockchain explorers. Emphasizing cost-effectiveness, speed, and enhanced user experience, the goal is to make development on ZetaChain both intuitive and developer-friendly. This collaboration is not just about creating a new-look blockchain explorer; it’s about significantly improving its technical performance.

The blockchain explorer, backed by a distributed database, offers enhanced scalability to effectively manage growing users and transaction volumes. It ensures solid stability for uninterrupted operations, high availability through multiple data replicas to reduce data loss risks, and proactive monitoring for early issue detection and swift downtime reduction.

SocialScan is not just stopping at improving the technical aspects of blockchain explorers. They are investing heavily in developing functionalities that will transform the explorer into a next-generation web3 gateway. This gateway will integrate social connections, community insights, loyalty records, and trust scores, promoting secure communication, social engagement, and robust trading activities.

The ZetaChain Athens Explorer is currently available on the ZetaChain testnet and will soon be launched on the mainnet.

Users can explore ZetaChain Athens Explorer here.

Alex Niu, Co-Founder & CRO of SocialScan, remarked: “SocialScan is proud to have supported ZetaChain in rapidly developing a versatile and reliable block explorer. This partnership has allowed us to expand our feature set and improve data delivery, showcasing our commitment to technological innovation and partner support.”

Jonathan Covey, Head of Community at ZetaChain, stated: “Our partnership with SocialScan is crucial for ensuring the ecosystem can always access and depend on a scalable block explorer. Further, the SocialScan team is really innovating around the category of explorers itself — integrating all sorts of real time social and community data that so many web3 projects struggle to make sense of in one place.”

Looking Ahead

As we embark on this new era of blockchain innovation, the collaboration between SocialScan and ZetaChain marks a turning point in the industry. This alliance is more than a partnership; it’s a fusion of expertise and vision, setting new standards in blockchain usability and developer support. By bridging technological gaps and fostering a community-centric approach, we are not just simplifying blockchain technology but also catalyzing its adoption across diverse sectors.

The future is bright, and we are at the forefront, shaping an ecosystem where technology meets practicality, and innovation serves community needs. This is just the beginning of a journey towards a more interconnected and efficient blockchain world.

About SocialScan

SocialScan is a revolutionary blockchain explorer built by It offers a cost reduction of over 20X and a deployment time that is more than 10X faster, all while maintaining the highest level of performance. This efficiency and cost-effectiveness particularly benefit developers working with rollup and application-specific blockchains. SocialScan currently supports a diverse and growing list of ecosystems, including Ethereum, Polygon, Mantle Network, Linea, Arthera, ZetaChain, Manta Network, Immutable, among others.

The platform is the brainchild of a team of data and AI experts, whose core members boast years of experience at world-leading institutions such as Stanford University, Google, Binance, TikTok, Meta, CMU, Cornell, Tsinghua, NTU, and USTC.

Website | Twitter | Telegram

About ZetaChain

ZetaChain aims to be the only blockchain you’ll ever need. It is a layer 1 blockchain and developer platform that connects any L1 and L2, from Ethereum to Bitcoin and beyond. Access all of crypto in one place, as a developer or user. With ZetaChain’s complete Omnichain toolkit, developers can build true omnichain dApps from a single point of logic, and users can access all of their assets, data, and liquidity in a single place, securely.

Follow ZetaChain on Twitter @zetablockchain and join the conversation on Discord and Telegram. Reach out to [email protected] if you’re building on top of ZetaChain.

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Your next-gen blockchain explorer: 20X+ cost savings, 10X+ faster, superior performance. Supporting Polygon, Mantle Network, Linea & more!

Explore the Future of Blockchain
Explore the Future of Blockchain

Blockchain exploration has long been a cornerstone for tech enthusiasts and developers, offering invaluable insights into the world of cryptocurrencies and decentralized applications. However, as the blockchain space continues to evolve, a new era is emerging — one that not only focuses on data but also seamlessly integrates social interaction. This shift is fundamentally reshaping how we engage with blockchain networks.

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