Banano Black Monkey Probabilities 🙊

Banano Black Monkey probabilities 🙊

By jka | Experiments | 5 Mar 2020

If you don't know what Banano's Black Monkey game is, you can check out an article about it here. It's a puzzle game in which you need to compare six monkeys and find five similarities, then you chose the different one and you will get credits. The clue is that you will get Banano coins similar to your score at the end of the round straight to your Banano wallet.

Because monkeys have different features such as hats, glasses, shoes et cetera I wanted to try out which pattern is the best for effective playing. So I had the idea of counting how often the difference is in each "category" in 1000 rounds. Before I started I thought that the distribution over the categories is similar spread.

So I played 1000 rounds and this was the distribution:

  • 1. headwear: 151 (15.1%)
  • 2. outfit/shirts/pants: 146 (14.6%)
  • 3. shoes/feet: 145 (14.5%)
  • 3. coat colour: 145 (14.5%)
  • 5. face expression/pipe/cigarette: 142 (14.2%)
  • 6. glasses/eyes: 138 (13.8%)
  • 7. hands/accessories: 133 (13.3%)

In my opinion, the random number generator doesn't prefer one category. The distribution changed during the rounds, after round 500 the list looked totally different. One thing that caught my eye was that there was never more than 20 points difference between first and last place.

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