$Whale family extravaganza enlightenment pilgrimage to Marble City of Dolphzion

$Whale family extravaganza enlightenment pilgrimage to Marble City of Dolphzion

By BUIDLsatoshis | experiencewhale | 30 Sep 2020

Best Matt Damon NA $Whale family extravaganza enlightenment pilgrimage to Marble City of Dolphzion


Because I am French Canadian, I had to get an interpreter to get this done! Here's the guy I hired! Genius!


Explorer of the immensity of this beautiful world we call Earth, my birth name is Bob Gratton, former Elvis impersonator, widowed to Linda, I own a garage, from Quebec province of very cold Canada, I also love poutine and smoke meat, you can call me Best Matt Damon North America, because really I am in hiding from my fans, don’t let them know I now impersonate Matt Damon on the interweb please. If we get the pleasure to discuss Santa Banana and Elvis comeback. You may have seen me in a couple of my movies if you are from Quebec; https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0180668/

Yes! I know! But I retired, I am now a Dolphinatosorus Rex within the $Whale family!

A bit about me outside the cinema spotlight!




I have no formal education except a high school diploma and some professional cooking school studying (I've been a dishwasher to chef from 17 to 23), non-formal include the fact that I am a news-junky and cannot restrain from reading 4h/day on average, free-student physical university courses (UQAM), a lot of coursera.org and I am now in Ivan on tech academy, looking forward to pass my CBP course by the end of the year.

Entrepreneur since I ripped a music CD in 1997, gamer since I got a NES. Self employed since 2013. Travelled to 22 countries, planning to leave before winter hits Montreal.

Been into crypto since I met a fellow Canuck in Cuba, Havana that told me about Ethereum back late 2016. Spent about a year in total there since 2014, awesome place filled with future dolphins in my opinion! Internet for them will be life changing! Especially for the art community there!

Over the courses of the last couple of years, I conceptualized many projects some completed but the biggest did not see life YET. Would like to develop once I have more freedom of what to do with my time including blockchaincuba.org (educational) and daufo.org (Decentralized autonomous urban farming organization).




A bit funny how we discovered $whale community, since May, my partner (whale community member as well) and I, have been researching on DAOs and how to leverage this tech into a valuable community project, and by doing so we found WHALE! In the beginning we were very absorbed by our concept and really thought to ourselves, do we see whale as potential partner in the future? YES! Why? Cause the blockchain ecosystem as of now, is still its in infancy, and I feel that one of the strength of this ecosystem is its community, the people comprising the ecosystem, the willingness to help out each other’s and essentially pass it forward for the common good. Decentralization is key to a healthy society and I am a big advocate of it.

After 2 months of my partner showing me the awesomeness of the community, I was still not convinced that I could dedicate enough time to be an active member because of the game we started in July, League of Kingdoms. One thing leading to another, having to play a role into the realm diplomacy, I had the chance to engage and chat with Alegria! And it is really by my partner find and by Alegria doing that I am now a Dolphin (I make it official here! If you want me to send you the ETH, send me your address lmao or Imma pay you with my friend home-made soap!) and proud to be, I am aiming to be a DAO whale to be truly part of the decentralization process of the project.

My whale journey I call it a pilgrimage, why so?  Because it is like a long voyage that on the journey you meet new people and learn from each other’s. So far it is a genuinely awesome experience that lead me to discover other interesting projects in the fold. Been enjoying the meme posting, the community. Playing marble on twitch with a 100 people?! OMG! What kind of insanity is this! Only at $whale!

!boost !RigTheGame !VoteTUERDforPresident

LMAO. Life in my honest opinion is all about enjoying your time, and it is exactly what I am doing by being part of whale.

What makes this journey incomparable, is truly the dedication of all these members putting forward different initiatives like #whale-kids (which I will introduce my friend 2 teenage artists to!), m00se amazing energy at the marble. SHOUT OUT TO THE DJ MAN! Sho! The one and only, honestly, JUST, for a live dj show weekly being part of the whale fam is entirely worth it! Fun and engagement is key, and it is what whale do best!


Anecdotes! Indeed! There is now a Best Matt Damon NA last place winner spot at marble lmao! Proud of it and still laughing a week later! Also, DabDragon finally convinced me, I will try and stay a #nobidzeor until I get to DAO-whale! The secret #no-bidzeor channel is only for us!!! Ask for a red packet to join, you will not regret it! On top of that, joining the whale community has been kind of a catalyst for me to buy 2 NFT of an artist I was looking at since October 2019, so thanks for the kick in the a**!!!


Joining the whale fam has not really changed dreams, I still aim to live freely from corrupted political influences and the central banking cartel, be my own boss and do what I love. As for hopes, it did! I am now deeply interested and supported by others into learning the technicalities about making proper gif animations to mint into NFT, also really revived my internal flame to get back on the canvas after 10 years pause.


So just for the last mention, I am glad and happy to be part of the community and engage will all you lovable crazy people! Cheers!


**Thank you so much for the post image modifs https://twitter.com/ajsmale

**Original typographic art https://twitter.com/ekaitza_ 



Tech entrepreneur since 1997 when I burned my first CD-RWs. Art should be borderless and censorship-resistant. Blockchain mainstream adoption will occur with dAPP mobile games. Follow me on Twitter; @AntichristLevel


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