Minecraft and Crypto

Are you into Minecraft? Also like crypto? Even if the answer to either question is "I don't know", you may want to bend an ear. The Banano community has created a Minecraft server with "Bananoconomy", a mod that allows for tipping, exchange, withdrawl and deposit of Banano, a token forked from Nano (both are instant, feeless cryptocurrencies). It is still early in the process, and they are yet to set up a working store in game that uses Banano, but they making a lot of progress and there are some very helpful players there than can help you get started.

I personally have been having a blast, as I had never played Minecraft before and had always been curious about it. I highly recommend giving it a shot if you are bored with your gaming library, and / or interested in getting some free crypto and participating in a fun project. 

To get started, you need the JAVA version of Minecraft. As far as I know, other versions are not compatible as of yet. You can get this on Steam, and then you'll want to head over to  bananocraft.cc to get the server information.

As always, stay safe, be patient, and don't just HODL, stake it too!

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Justin Spencer
Justin Spencer

Just a regular Joe, trying to get ahead. I love the crypto space and I'm handy with computers, I work in a hospital and I love cheeseburgers

Experiences of a Crypto Newb
Experiences of a Crypto Newb

This blog will simply be about my experiences as an inexperienced crypto trader and how to avoid the same rookie mistakes I made. I hope to help people ease into their experience instead of running head first into a brick wall like me.

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