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It's just a dream

In a Dendo Forest, there's a man walking under different kind of trees. He had a bag and a bunch of foods inside it so the trees are thinking that he loves hiking. The sky is getting darker and the sun starts to come closely the horizon. It's the sunset.

"I should arrive on the summit of this forest before the sunset. It's getting darker." the man said.

He continued to walk on the forest and didn't noticed the time. Finally, the Moon appeared and the sun is out of nowhere.

"I didn't reach the summit, I should fix the tent so I will have a simple abode. I will continue this tomorrow morning". He immediately grabbed the tent on his bag and build it.

"Whoo! It's hard to build this tent. Now, I will make a fire." He collect some pieces of wood on the forest so he can start a fire as his light. The fire starts immediately, thanks to matches that he brought.

He ate the sandwich that he brought and went straight on the tent after eating.

"I should sleep now, I will wake up early for tomorrow so I will reach the summit and watch the sunrise. Maybe I won't close the tent so I will have some fresh air."

He fell sleep easily because of his tiredness but then, in the midst of sleeping, he smell something.

"There's something burning!" he woke up immediately and look into the fire, and there he saw a snake burning. The good thing is it's not yet died but it can't move and can't rid of from the fire.

He grabbed a short stick and prick off the snake. Luckily, he saved the snake but...

He didn't noticed that the snake was on his arm, he tried to touch and remove it but it is too late. The snake bite him on the right hand!

Source: Elite readers

His brain make a quick action, because of the adrenalin rush, he easily removed the snake on his hand and unintentionally, the snake fell again on the fire.

His blood on the hands is flowing and dropping on the soil but he immediately grabbed again a stick and prick off the snake on the fire. The snake was saved again by him!

This time, the snake look at him and to his surprise, the snake suddenly ask a question.

"Why did you save me?" at first, he was shocked. Who will think that a simple snake will talk right? But he answered the question.

"Because you need help?" the confuse look was on the snake's eye.

"But I bitten you, why did you saved me?" the snake asked again.

"Because I'm a human and I believe that it is our nature" he explained.

"Even though you're hurt, you will still saved me? Aren't you mad at me? You should be." the snake said.

The wry smile was on the man's face.

"I believe that the nature of human is to save others, you're just a snake and your nature is biting your victim. I should understand you, even anyone." the man explained it with a smile on his face.

"You're one of a kind. Sadly, you can't run on your fate, I already bitten you and the venom will spread on your body after a couple of minutes. I'm sorry" the snake said with a sad look on his face.

The next I knew was the man hold his neck because he was struggling. The man tried to breath but it's too late.

All things became black and the thing that you can see was just the light from outside. I opened my eyes, I saw my wall clock above the closet.

It's just a dream.


In our life, we encounter different situations that it's hard to understand. But as a human, we should know and learn how to understand every situation. Not all people doesn't have a traits like the man on the story. Sometimes, we are just focusing on our own point of view and not looking on someone's perspective so the result was negative. Try to understand every situation like the man did on the snake. Put yourself on their shoe and try to understand them because I know that all people are smart enough to understand everyone and if you did it, you already achieved a characteristic of being matured. Hold your patience and deliver your opinion, make sure that it is right and if they can't understand you, try to understand them because sometimes, there's a thing that can be a hindrance on every decision that's why they can't agree with you.

I'm just scrolling on Facebook and read a story like this so I decided to make another story but I gave a plot.

Hoping that you like this article and if you did, consider to like and subscribe. You can also comment your feedbacks so it can help me to make a better article soon. Thanks for reading!

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