Exorde platform — can it save you from fakes?

By ArtemDape | Exorde | 21 Jul 2022

Disinformation (that is, information that deliberately misleads people for political or financial gain) is, of course, not a new phenomenon. But, as we have seen over the past year, digital platforms have significantly simplified the spread of dangerous conspiracy theories, that is, deliberately false statements on a variety of topics, from pandemics and racial unrest to wildfires in California and the results of the presidential election. Such posts surprisingly quickly went viral and received huge coverage.

Adding fuel to the fire is the appearance of so—called deepfakes - very plausible (but fake) photos, audio and video recordings created with the help of AI.

Technology has created this problem. But other technologies, such as blockchain, can solve it and slow down the spread of digital misinformation. Of course, it would be naive to expect that such a complex problem can be solved in one blow. But developments like Exorde are encouraging: perhaps blockchain will eliminate many of the risks and deep sources of digital misinformation.

One of the reasons why it is so difficult for us to deal with deepfakes and other misinformation today is that we do not yet have rules and practices for identifying, marking and tracking distorted facts on various digital platforms, as well as for responding to them.

Exorde Platform

Exorde's operational systems are a core component and will serve as a baseline for the entire ecosystem. This platform is decentralized, open and transparent.

This is where the participants will work together to index the entire network.,

extract its unstructured information, relationships, similarities, trends and any type of pattern in information circulating everywhere on the internet, regardless of platform or media. The Exorde platform continuously extracts knowledge from the content that is indexed by its participants through continuous and decentralized data analytics.

Exorde is managed by its DAO (a decentralized autonomous organization) and uses community votes and polls. Management is decentralized among all members of the community, be they investors, participants, employees. Collectively,

they change the internal rules and parameters of the systems (rewards, restrictions,

delays, scheduling, etc.) and will have a built-in reputation system. These mechanisms are designed to continuously align the interests of the community and its management for the benefit of the ecosystem and Exorde services.

Functionally, the platform is based on Working Systems designed by levels. Working systems act as a digital data factory that provides the operation of Exorde Knowledge Graph, or Exorde Graph

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Exorde is the web3 protocol that empowers developers to scrape and link all public data on the web. The Exorde protocol receives as input urls of public information: social network posts, press articles, photos, videos... These urls are processed in a decentralized data pipeline giving as output data graphs that link all similar data and facts.

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