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In case you missed, here are Biswap 1Biswap 2Biswap 3, Biswap 4 and Biswap 5

"More" in the title is because of the name of the menu I am writing about:


As you can see there are a lot of items, that's why I divided this description into two parts.




Very self-explaining: a collection of data and the transactions of the platform.


Voting: the place you can partecipate to the growth of the platform, voting for different proposals. As I'm writing there is no vote in progress, so I think there is non necessity of an image. If you want to take a look, here is my referral.




in this moment you can partecipate to a fund raising for Ukraine. It's a real tragedy, everyone should help as he can, expecially for children. 


About BSW:


This is the place where BSW toke is explained, you can also consider to integrate BSW token in your platform or service. There is a link to contact the team.

I think this is a very wise idea. Expanding the use of a token is the best way to increase its value. I can't remember any other platform that offer this chance.


The Team:


I'll be a little critic.

When I evaluate the reliability of a project, seeing the faces of the peoples involved and exploring their Linkedin pages gives a huge amount of points.

This is a wall of avatar that says me nothing. I think it's better save time and don't do this page at all.

This people made a good job with good returns for investors, so they should be proud of put on this page their real faces and names.

I can understand privacy concernes, but it's better place some reality or nothing at all.


I know that you know what comes next...

Support is welcome!

DeFi platform:
Biswap very similar to Pancake Swap, but with referral program.
Cake DeFi  earn 30$ in DeFi as you deposit AND leave for 28 days 50$.
RollerCoin earn BTC, BNB, Doge, ETH... playng easy games register with this link to earn 1000 Satoshi
Coin-farm a very silly game, didn't test it deeply but I want to.
Passive earnings:
CryptoTab a browser that let you mine small amount of BTC, a good referral program, but needs 2/3 days for payouts.
Smiles earn BTC walking and playng chess
Peer2Profit A platform that pay for your bandwidth
HoneyGain Very well known platform that pay for your bandwidth
Trading Platforms:

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