"You trade play dollars - we pay real BTC for your profits"

By excelencia | excelencia | 25 Feb 2021

Surfing in the morning in crypto universe i came along  a tweet from @... about he gained some play dollars in cryptoparrot and like always i was attracted to click in the URL of that site and I don't regret to have done it.

As you surely already have realised from my former articles, I am a complete newbee in this cryptoworld and in the same time I am very eager to learn a lot more as quick as possible to enter in the real game of trading assets, tokens, nft's , cryptomoney and what else there is of crypto-gaming while earning sats or other honeymoney.

Crypto Parrot is a site where you can do the real thing, but without any risk to lose something. Meanwhile they give you a rating how you are doing the trading, so you can gain some trust in yourself or lose trust but anyhow you can learn how to improve your trading skills in a no  risky way at all!

"Risk-Free paper-trading platform for the crypto community | You trade play dollars - we pay real BTC for your profits."

this is how they promote their service in twitter.

Here is also my advice to give them a follow in twitter, because they had the great idea to start with the Parrot!

Well, I plan to write a more in depth article about CryptoParrot in the near future and in the same time now I hope that I already was able to wake up Your intrest in this matter , so You can already start with it also or learn something about it before starting, anyhow, You are not risking anything!

I immediately decided to enter the game of trading in this site and may I invite You to do the same clicking on this inviting link : cryptoparrot.com/invite/

Thanks all for Your intrest in my fourth article , very fast written without any grammatical concern , just  to inform You quickly of this great opportunity.

Thanks for reading, when I become more calm , i'll take the time to write another article in a more concerned way. I wish you all a nice day to come from UTC+1 at 7:30 in our morning!

You know , receiving nearly immediately around 0.06 $ and more then 60 readings of my third article in publishOx yesterday, just after publishing it, gave me a great boost to be more productive writing more articles and You will soon see the result of this boost in the acceleration of my publishing, hoping You like to read it all.

Thanks again , have a nice day!

Update friday 16 of april 2021 UTC+2 9:49 :



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