TheUsefullTipsSeries - Tip 3. (#UplandWealthBuilding Writing Contest and Giveaway involved...)

By excelencia | excelencia | 22 Apr 2022

The inspiration for the third tip in this TheUsefullTipsSeries was the present Upland Contest and  GiveAway  going on , where I noticed that all the writers for this contest get a good amount of tips, more then the usual average,.

So it was very simple to give this third tip:

If there is a contest going on in PublishOx, write an article for the contest!

Beside having a good chance to get a prize for taking part in the contest, be sure your article is going to be tipped a considerable greater $amount, you can simply find proof of that by entering "Upland" now in the search window to see all the articles for the contest coming out as a result and to see the ongoing $amount already tipped!


See the search  result coming out after pushing the enter button of your keybord:


Now, just scroll down to see many more articles participating in this contest and all with a good amount of $ already tipped and still increasing during the time this contest is running (contest deadline: Sunday, May 1, 2022) and far behind, who knows...

The reason for this phenomenon is clear:

Every competitor in the contest has an interest to see how his article is doing compared with other competitors, meanwhile tipping the articles also!

Don't hesitate to take part and write your article , you will be nicely surprised for sure to see your incoming tips! 

Maybe you'll win a good price, because there's $1,200 in ETH Prize Pool! 

That's how you'll be practicing your writing skills in a productive way and if you should start with the Upland game , you'll very quicqly become tempted to buy your first property in Uplands Metaverse, because you can already buy it from the 6000 UPX you'll be awarded with at registration time:


My last advice in this third usefull tip is for newbies in this PublishOx community: 

Should you lack inspiration or courage to start writing already, just take your time to read a bunch of competing articles in this contest, you'll surely find your start point to write the first words  for this contest, but don't forget to tip yourself and the authors you will be reading.

May you all receive a lot of tips and win a good part of the $1,200 in ETH Prize Pool!

Have a nice day for all!



                         Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

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