The impossible web: promise kept! This is not an article.

By excelencia | excelencia | 20 Jun 2021

While Poland and Spain are playing their Europacup selective match for eventually reaching the eight final, we have to keep our promise to reveal the URL of a wonderfull project :

An autonomous network that runs itself, distributed across the globe, that can’t be shut down, controlled, or censored.

An Autonomous Network which has no human gatekeepers. Anyone is able to join and—crucially—no-one can be prevented from taking part.

Visit the website if you are interested to be perfectly well informed about this Network.

I offer my excuses for not writing an article here, don't tip, don't like , do dislike, every dollarcent will be waisted money, just visit the website for in dept explanation and you  could become as enthusiastic about it as myself. 

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