The Epic Tale Of Veergin Beer

By LloviantTheSimpluman | EX and PT | 31 Mar 2023

I met a friend of mine, she is called xX_EXandPT_Xx and she orders me to tell about Veergin Beer (also called the EX and PT troll). Sometimes I leave Scratch to type to earn ETH, like now.

I am going to tell you about Veergin Beer.


It all started in November 2022 when the grey guy made a SP (Scratch Poop) with the Veergin Beer sound effect.

The origin of Veergin Beer

How did xX_EXandPT_Xx learn about using the sound effect? I knew what!

What Is Next?

The grey guy continued to use Veergin Beer in projects.

Flavoured Liquid

Meanwhile, xX_EXandPT_Xx learnt to use Veergin Beer.

EX and PT Veergin Beer Farm

The seed of all epicness

Veergin Beer is what the grey guy meant - epic. I celebrate epic Scratch projects with this tale.

Interview with xX_EXandPT_Xx (secretly Alexandra Stobiecka)

Lloviant: I never heard of this meme before, but can you tell me please?

xX_EXandPT_Xx: Lloviant, you had got a story to finish, and I have a bonus for you!

Lloviant: THX!

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