Coronavirus: entire Italy is decalred RED ZONE

Coronavirus: entire Italy is decalred RED ZONE

By almontubo | evoow, It's about ALL | 11 Mar 2020

Yes the situation in Italy has degenerated, yesterday, 9th March the goverment published a decree of the prime minister (DPCM) with whom all Italy is declared RED ZONE. In fact all the restricting measures of the outbreaks in Lombardy or Veneto, which were the first regions infected, from the 10th March are extended to the entire Italy. This action was taken to reduce the contagion which had quicly increased during the last few days, passing the 10000 infected people.

Italian people now can move only to go to work, for hard family necessities, and for health needs. Police can stop you and ask why you are in move, if not for one of these reasons, you are obliged to pay a fine, that can reach 206 Euros, and also 3 months of arrest are possible.

The bars must open only from 6 AM to 6 PM, mustn't do counter service and have to respect the safe distance between people.

I'm sure that these rules are correct and that this is the only way to contain the virus.

Now it's up to Italian people respecting the rules and wait that COVID-19 passes away.

evoow, It's about ALL
evoow, It's about ALL

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