Satoshi to be revealed Sunday Aug. 18 at 4pm EDT?

New claims of a person claiming to be Satoshi will be revealed Sunday, Aug. 18, at 4 p.m. EDT on the Satoshi Nakamoto Renaissance Holdings website

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The claim is that this will be a three part reveal with indisputable evidence. It will include topics such as his country of origin, his education, his professional background, and why he hasn't moved any of his 980,000 bitcoins.

The claim is that his "compelling evidence"  will be revealed in a three part series in which he will also discuss the role that cyphers and encryption related to his devotion to Chaldean numerology played when he created bitcoin. 

He will also explain why he chose the date August 18 not only to register in 2008, but also to release Part I of the “My Reveal” series. 

On Tuesday, in the third part of his series he is said to be introducing Tabula Rasa - his clean-slate vision for Bitcoin’s transformation rebirth at which point he will reveal his name and true identity.

The three part reveal will take place Sunday, Monday and Tuesday at exactly 4pm EDT. 

Is this a hoax?

The fact that the claim only states "compelling evidence" will be revealed, leaves one to really wonder what will be shown. 

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After the supposed false claims of Craig Wright with completely false proof that was debunked by the community relatively quickly, there are only two ways for this person to prove beyond a doubt that he is the real Satoshi Nakomoto.

First would be to sign a cryptographic message using the original keys used by Satoshi when bitcoin was created. Second would be to move coins from the original wallets. Either of these things would put all doubt to rest. 

However is this what will really happen or is this just some ploy by a new project? Only time will tell. 

What if it is real?

If the claims of this person are real, this could be devastating for all of bitcoin and perhaps all of cryptocurrency as we know it. 

If we assume these claims are in fact real and empirical evidence is shown and there is a new project by Satoshi, this could completely crush bitcoin and depending on what this Bitcoin transformation rebirth actually is, potentially all crypocurrency as we know it. 


It is INCREDIBLY likely this is a hoax. The website that he will be revealing himself through at the moment is a very basic website with a countdown timer and a field to enter your email address. 

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If you are planning to check this out and follow along by entering in your email it is STRONGLY ADVISED you use a VPN and possible hide behind TOR as well. 

It would also be recommended to use a new email address created specifically for this reason. 

Finally it is recommended that you use a privacy specific browser such as TOR Browser or at the very least Dissenter.

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