Ethereum Breaks All Time High: Ether ATH, Janet Yellen Yellin' About Bitcoin, Stake DAO Airdrop

Ethereum Breaks All Time High: Ether ATH, Janet Yellen Yellin' About Bitcoin, Stake DAO Airdrop

By CPix | Everything Crypto | 25 Jan 2021

The “Flippening”

  • ETH/BTC Target Flippening Price of 0.1627 BTC = 1 ETH

Bitcoin ATH Breakout vs. USD

Ethereum ATH Breakout vs. USD

ETH/BTC ATH Still ~3x Away


Ethereum isn’t done yet, there are a few reasons Ether’s price will rise and stay above $1500 moving forward.

-Undervalued In BTC Terms

-EIP1559 (ETH Burn)

-Retail ETH2 Staking (Major Exchanges)

-DeFi Liquidity Sinks (AMMs, Smart Contract Cover, Lending/Borrowing Pools)

-Layer 2 Scale (Mass Adoption)

Market Update (Monday 9:30 AM ET)

Percent Change (Rounded) Based on Last Monday Open (9:30 AM ET)

Bitcoin- $34,606 (-7%)

Ether- $1,1416 (+12%)

Gold- $1,852 (+1%)

DJI Average- 30,989 (UNCH)

NYSE Composite Index- 14,951 (UNCH)

NASDAQ Composite Index- 13,681 (+4%)

S&P500 Index- 3,851 (+3%)


New Developments

  1. Silvergate Took ~$3B In Deposits From Digital Currency Customers, CoinDesk

  2. Former Ripple Advisor Michael Barr To Head OCC, The Block

  3. Announcing Cosmos <> Ethereum Gravity Bridge, Althea Blog

  4. Stake DAO Community (Gitcoin, Lido, PoolTogether) Airdrop, Stake DAO Blog

  5. Sberbank Seeks Central Bank Approval For Blockchain Platform, The Block

  6. Brave Becomes First Browser To Offer Native IPFS Integration, CoinDesk

  7. Microstrategy Buys $10M Bitcoin, Microstrategy

    michael_saylor.jpgMichael Saylor @michael_saylor MicroStrategy has purchased approximately 314 bitcoins for $10.0 million in cash in accordance with its Treasury Reserve Policy, at an average price of approximately $31,808 per bitcoin. We now hold approximately 70,784 bitcoins. Acquires an Additional $10 Million in BitcoinMicroStrategy’s business analytics and mobility platform helps enterprises build and deploy analytics and mobility apps to transform their

    January 22nd 2021

    1,860 Retweets9,670 Likes

Industry Insights

Dev Talk

  1. Cosmos IBC Audit, Informal Systems

  2. EVM384 Update 5: First Gas Cost Estimates,

  3. Term Lending Module MakerDAO, MIP43

  4. ArmorFi Dune Analytics Dashboard, Richard Chen

  5. Eclipse Attacks On Bitcoin’s Peer-to-Peer Network

Blockchain Education

Was Bitcoin Double Spent??

LucasNuzzi.jpgLucas Nuzzi @LucasNuzzi 1\ There is an alarming amount of misinformation (fueled by the media) on what exactly happened to Bitcoin yesterday, and whether funds were "double spent" Here's everything you need to know 👇

January 21st 2021

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Ethereum’s Baseline Protocol For Enterprises

FREE PUBLICITY souljaboy.jpgSoulja Boy (Drako) @souljaboy What’s the best way to buy Crypto? Robinhood? Coinbase?

January 19th 2021

782 Retweets7,107 Likes Blockchain Jobs

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Earn Opportunity

Numerous DeFi applications have recently launched “Governance” tokens to the community and a DAO-like Treasury managed by the token holders. Uniswap DEX is one of those projects. $UNI went live back in September of 2020 where a treasury was established with built in vesting schedules. Right now you can apply for a grant to work on anything related to Uniswap. The core focus of Uniswap’s first grant round will be usability improvements, technical development, and community building. Click the button below to apply before the deadline!

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