Tracking your referrals through the website and mobile app

Tracking your referrals through the website and mobile app

Today I’m going to be discussing a website and mobile app that I accidentally discovered for tracking your personal referrals.  While googling “the best way to track cryptocurrency referrals” I stumbled upon the website called This website is by far one of the best I’ve used, it’s aesthetically pleasing and pulls you in almost instantly.  After some research I’ve now gone all in and use this website to track all my referrals and will highlight a lot of the website capabilities in the rest of this article.

Similar to google analytics, this website tracks all your referrals with graphs, charts and click counts.  The website is free to use but if you want to be able to repost your referrals they have a credit section where you can get achievements and earn reward cash that can be used for a monthly subscription.  The subscriptions are not required and you can continue to use the free membership but the subscription will allow you to boost your referrals and repost them utilizing the three traffic sources listed below.  They are currently offering a $20 sign up bonus in the following link.

  • Public listings: Fresh posts get the best visibility and most traffic.
  • Your profile page: It has all your codes, promote it on social medias or share it with friends to get traffic.
  • Badges and embeds: If you have a blog or a webiste, embeding widgets drives more traffic and are simpler to manage than list of links.


The credit section has several options for getting more rewards cash like following people, having 100 people view your referral page and for even just posting referrals you earn credits.  The credits are definitely an easy way to pay for a monthly subscription and boost your referral visibility but not necessary.


Also, the website homepage is easy to navigate.  It has a dropdown bar on the left that gives you options on what to do and where to go from there. The main ones that I use currently are the “Post new”, “Stats” and “Earn Credits”.  The post new section is where you will go to start posting your referrals. There will be a search box and if you find your site or app that gives referrals then you start inputting your referral link and information.  If the site is not listed in the search box, you can earn credits for submitting a reason to the website on adding it to their search so that you can post this referral link.  The Stats and earn credits sections were discussed previously but used most often by me for tracking my referral progress and looking up more ways to earn credits.


This website is by far one of the best referral websites that I have discovered and will continue to use it.  Not only does it track all your referrals using statistics but the simplicity and ease of use is geared towards both the novice and professional.



$20 Referral bonus for signing up

List of Referrals


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